Compassion Tour with David Breaux and Cecilia St. King 10/2/16

UnityAshVisiting Guest

David Breaux has written a book, “Compassion: Davis, CA”, the result of seven years of community conversations on the topic of compassion. The book is a collection of concepts shared with him during his 6-year presence standing at the same street corner in the city of Davis, CA. During this time spent inviting passers-by to share their written concept of … Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Muhammad . . . and Rumi 9/25/16

UnityAshVisiting Guest

with Steve Scholl Americans are asking: Is Islam a religion of peace or violence and Is Muhammad a spiritual teacher on par with Moses, Jesus, and Buddha? Steve Scholl, a non-Muslim scholar of Islam, will provide an overview of Muhammad’s life and also discuss how the great mystical poet Rumi, a dedicated Muslim, preached about the life and message of … Read More

Kathy Zavada- “The Art Of Communicating: Replacing Loneliness with Connection”

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Rev. Kathy Zavada will be speaking on the art of communicating: replacing loneliness with connection. Loneliness is the suffering of our time. Technology supplies us with many devices to stay connected, but we still feel lonely and hunger for love. In this presentation we will look at how to spend more time communicating and connecting with ourselves, discovering what is … Read More

Remembering 9/11 How to Build Peace: Inner and Outer

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. When a nation or an individual is attacked, its understandable to feel ¬†core level threatened and to attack in return.¬† Yet, it takes a great deal of spiritual inner work to search for and find adequate ways to both establish boundaries and protect one’s body and emotional well being, one’s family, one’s tribe, one’s nation … Read More