Now or Never with Will Wilkinson 12/25/16

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with Will Wilkinson Christmas Morning at Unity with Will Wilkinson and friends, giving and receiving the ultimate gift – love.  Music, poetry, ritual, transmission… opportunities to transmit the qualities we wish to see flourishing in the world, like love, forgiveness,  compassion, acceptance, and generosity. This Sunday morning we’ll explore the potential of The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon and focus our shared expression … Read More

Celebrating the Winter Solstice with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. 12/18/16

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“The Light Will Come Again” Shamanic voyages of going into the dark and returning with a gift become real at Winter Solstice. Come together, as people have since ancient times, to celebrate the deep darkness and welcome the return of the Sun. This particular Winter Solstice we need to remember that the light will come again and that we have … Read More

Kathy Zavada at the Peace House Wednesday Nights – 7 pm

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Unity of Ashland Presents: Wednesday Evening Services with Rev. Kathy Zavada~ Dec.14th, 21st, and 28th, Peace House – 543 S, Mountain Ave. corner of Mountain and Ashland St. Services will begin at 7 pm and be an hour and 15 minutes. Suggested donation of $5. – $20 is appreciated.  Unity of Ashland is pleased to announce Wednesday Evening Sacred Services beginning … Read More


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THE FEAST of OUR LADY of GUADALUPE is here again! with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. We have much to celebrate this Sunday: the power of the waters, the power of the intuitive and spiritual realms, the power of PRAYER and MEDITATION. This week we reel in the wake of a VICTORY for the Native American People as the Dakota Pipeline … Read More

Standing in Solidarity with the Water Protectors 12/4/16

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Join Rev. Norma Nakai Burton in song, prayer and chanting, we hold space in spirit, heart and strength with the ‘water protectors’. It is a time to come together in as many ways as possible to honor the power of our voice and presence. Musician: Heather Hutton with Richard Williams