Compassion Tour with David Breaux and Cecilia St. King 10/2/16

UnityAshVisiting Guest

David Breaux has written a book, “Compassion: Davis, CA”, the result of seven years of community conversations on the topic of compassion. The book is a collection of concepts shared with him during his 6-year presence standing at the same street corner in the city of Davis, CA. During this time spent inviting passers-by to share their written concept of the word compassion, Mr. Breaux inspired an entire town to reflect upon, embrace and celebrate compassion.

David Breaux’s experience in Davis and the impact it had upon many individuals and the community was the inspiration for The Compassion Tour. David’s presence in towns and cities across the country inspires compassionate actions by individuals and communities that hear and embrace the message of compassion. Overall, the Compassion Tour aims to expand and spread the word of compassion.

Musician: Cecilia St. King (an Inner Peace Troubadour)