Kathy Zavada- “The Art Of Communicating: Replacing Loneliness with Connection”

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Rev. Kathy Zavada will be speaking on the art of communicating: replacing loneliness with connection. Loneliness is the suffering of our time.
Technology supplies us with many devices to stay connected, but we still feel lonely and hunger for love.
In this presentation we will look at how to spend more time communicating and connecting with ourselves, discovering what is going on within us. We will look at the practice of nonthinking and non-talking and how nourishing it can be to our enjoyment of the present moment. We’ll examine the practice of listening deeply, and how to cultivate loving speech, learning the six mantras of loving speech, including ‘you are partly right’. This will be a deeply nourishing and insightful Sunday service sure to open the heart.
Rev. Kathy Zavada is an Interfaith Minister, recording/performing artist of sacred music, and long-time workshop and retreat facilitator. Her wisdom, compassionate and inspired energy creates a safe healing space of unconditional acceptance. Over the years she has been a great support to many in opening the heart, quieting the mind, and feeling the divine presence within. Don’t miss this very special Sunday!
For more information see www.kathyzavada.com.