Staying Grounded and Being Free 7/3/17

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with Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. “We will take a look at Buddhist and New thought teachings regarding Ways to navigate being a spiritual being while having a human experience. How can we stay grounded and experience freedom? Cyrise Beatty Schacter and Richard Williams : Music


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with GARY MALKIN and Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. An interactive musical and spoken word feast Gary is an Emmy® award-winning composer, in-demand public speaker, inspirational performer, and music and wellness consultant dedicated to inspiring the world to embrace life-enhancing musical strategies to awaken more holistic mindfulness, enhanced emotional and spiritual wellness, and a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether … Read More

The Dance with Loss and Letting Go A Spiritual Path

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with Jane Sterling PhD Are you experiencing loss? Loss can show up in so many ways: loss of relationship, loss of job, health, expectations, financial stability, idealism, identities, abilities, communities and loss of loved ones. If we look deeply, we are ever changing and letting go from the minute we leave the womb. Where and how do we hold on? … Read More