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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. At Yom Kippur it is a great season of the year to ask – what does completion mean? In the Science of Mind magazine for October, Idella Chadwick is quoted: “A thing can be finished in the outer only as far as it is finished within the consciousness of the one doing the work.” In … Read More

The Message to the New Humanity – Rev Norma Nakai Burton

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As I read through the familiar Christmas texts this year, there was something that jumped out at me that I’d not paid as much attention to before, and that is how many times in those first couple of chapters of Luke that “fear” is addressed. A form of the Greek word “phobos”, translated as “fear” or “afraid” appears seven times in Luke 1 and 2. Year after year we latch on to the familiar images of adoring parents, a cooing baby and humble shepherds, but this year I was struck by the fact that this story is also full of anxiety.

Love by Bhante Wimala

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LOVE by Bhante Wimala When your mind becomes motionless and the brilliant eyes of the peaceful mind take a straight look down into the depth of your heart you will see the life-force pulsating and thriving in the warmth of pure love.   As you experience this pure love what we all call “heart” beams of light will begin to … Read More

Duino Elegy – Rilke

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9th Duino Elegy Why, if it’s possible to come into existence 
as laurel, say, a little darker green than other trees, with ripples edging each 
leaf (like a wind, smiling): why then 
do we have to be human, and keep running from the fate
we are made for and long for?

 Oh, not because of Happiness –
that fleeting gift before the … Read More

Sonnets from Rilke

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Does time, as it passes, really destroy? Part Two, Sonnet XXVII   RILKE Does Time, as it passes, really destroy?
It may rip the fortress from its rock;
but can this heart, that belongs to God,
be torn from Him by circumstance? Are we as fearfully fragile as fate would have us believe? Can we ever be severed
from childhood’s deep promise? Ah, the knowledge … Read More

Poems by Rilke

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Poems by Rilke , April 22nd.2012 Personal Guidelines for the Great Turning Come from Gratitude To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe–to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it–is a wonder beyond words. Gratitude for the gift of life is the primary wellspring of all … Read More

Thoth’s Wisdom Re: Gratitude

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EGYPTIAN MYSTERY SCHOOL  – THOTH’s WISDOM re: GRATITUDE   In the ancient Egyptian mystery school texts Thoth refers to this holy feeling of gratitude as a “wave of vibration” that begins in the brain:   “when onto thee comes a feeling drawing thee nearer to the Dark Gate ( fear, anger, hate, etc)  examine thine heart to know if the … Read More

On Gratitude – Rev. Norma Nakai Burton

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From Norma’s  Sermon on Gratitude Greg Braden offers that we can ask ourselves the following questions to begin activating the magical practice of gratitude: 1.)         Do I acknowledge that there is a single source of all that is or ever may be? Do I acknowledge that every life event including this disaster is part of the ONE? 2.)         Do I … Read More

Spirit am I – Rev. Norma Nakai Burton

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Spirit am I, Free of all limits Safe, and Healed and Whole, Spirit am I, Free to Forgive and Free to Bless the World, Spirit Am I. Christian Mysticism –  on Thanksgiving Day By Norma J. Burton, M.Div.                       November 28, 2013  My birthday always comes around Thanksgiving time-  what a grand time to be born when everyone is giving thanks, … Read More

Why? Why Me? Why Not Me? – Willomena

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SPOKEN WORD   –  (by WIllomena – thanks to Inner Light Ministries)   Why? Why me? Why not me? What is so wrong about me and right about you that no matter what it is that I do … it never turns In the time I have in mind Or becomes the kind that meets my plans So that I can … Read More