The Door to Freedom -Venerable Karma Rinpoche 7/2/17

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with Venerable Karma Rinpoche and Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. We are honored to have Ven. Karma Namgyel Rinpoche from Bhutan to offer rituals and ceremonies from the sacred traditions of the Drukpa Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage. The Venerable Karma Rinpoche and the Reverend Norma Nakai Burton converge for a conversation about Freedom from suffering and the new Millenium. This is … Read More

You Can Come to Completion 6/25/17

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. There are many different schools of thought on how one reaches ENLIGHTENMENT.  Is it a matter of just suddenly waking up or is it a long arduous path? Or both?     Huichol grandmother Guadalupe de los Rios taught the pathway to completion in this lifetime. You can walk it too.   This Sunday come to celebrate … Read More

“Miracle Shifts for Shifting Times” with David Hiller 6/18/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Creating Miracle Shifts in our lives no matter want is happening on the planet. We will be telling some true miracle shift stories and talking about how we create our positive and productive reality when our heart is in alignment with our subconscious mind and how we create our self defeating reality when our ego is in alignment with our … Read More

Faith in this World 6/11/17

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with Tamarah Masdon After clocking in to a system for years, in 2011 I decided to walk in this world in a new way. My journey has been about nurturing my knowing of something bigger happening, something that our eyeballs maybe can’t see right now. It’s about really trusting the Universe. And continuing to choose happy every single day. Originally … Read More

Rhythm, Voice, and Sacred Connection 6/3/17

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Do you feel connected to God when you sing, dance, or drum? Through the ages humans have experienced the Sacred through song, and dance. Join us to explore these modalities of prayer with musician and teacher Cyrise Beatty Schachter, MA.