Kuan Yin’s Poetry for the World Day of Prayer 9/24/17

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with Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. Come tune in along with millions of people around the world who are focusing on peace this week.     Let’s meditate on Kuan Yin, the founder of being a bodhisatva, who found a way to be peaceful even though lots of  bad stuff happened to her.    New information has become available recently … Read More

The Total Solar Eclipse 8/13/17

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with Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. with Musical Shaman, Rene Jenkins The Total Solar ECLIPSE of 2017 is making history in mid August this year. It will be the most viewed eclipse in human history. This type of total solar eclipse occurred last time 375 years ago and its path does not usually cross land masses. Come hear Rev. Norma … Read More

Are you a Bodhisatva?8/6/17

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with Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. Come learn what a Bodhisatva is. This Sunday we join hearts with those all over the world, and most especially in Japan, who are praying for peace and the end of nuclear armaments. We will do the ancient Buddhist practice of Tonglen meditation to activate the Bodhisatva in you. My heart is moved by … Read More


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with GARY MALKIN and Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. An interactive musical and spoken word feast Gary is an Emmy® award-winning composer, in-demand public speaker, inspirational performer, and music and wellness consultant dedicated to inspiring the world to embrace life-enhancing musical strategies to awaken more holistic mindfulness, enhanced emotional and spiritual wellness, and a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether … Read More

The Door to Freedom -Venerable Karma Rinpoche 7/2/17

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with Venerable Karma Rinpoche and Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. We are honored to have Ven. Karma Namgyel Rinpoche from Bhutan to offer rituals and ceremonies from the sacred traditions of the Drukpa Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage. The Venerable Karma Rinpoche and the Reverend Norma Nakai Burton converge for a conversation about Freedom from suffering and the new Millenium. This is … Read More

“Miracle Shifts for Shifting Times” with David Hiller 6/18/17

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Creating Miracle Shifts in our lives no matter want is happening on the planet. We will be telling some true miracle shift stories and talking about how we create our positive and productive reality when our heart is in alignment with our subconscious mind and how we create our self defeating reality when our ego is in alignment with our … Read More

Marrying the Divine: Living a life of Love 4/2/17

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with Laura Berman Making a commitment to ourselves, to others, and to the Divine is a daily choice. With intention and practice, we can step more fully into our commitments and living a life in, as and of Love. BIO Based in Portland, Oregon, singer/songwriter Laura Berman has reached acclaim for her soul-touching vocal power and accessible lyric styling. With … Read More