Memorial Day 5/28/17

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. We are called to memorialize, which means praise, remember and honor, those who have given their lives to protect our democracy. Democracy is a very important form of government to protect in this world. Millions have come to these shores seeking the justice and fair treatment offered by democracy. This Sunday we will honor and … Read More

Rumi – Preparing Us for These Whirling Times 5/21/17

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. The mystical realms are not superfluous – they are essential. Some of us must be masterful in traversing the dark nights of the soul and rounding the corner again and again into Heaven. Then we can confidently be way-showers for others. Rumi’s mystical poetry actually offers a great deal of practical wisdom about how we … Read More

The Secret of Mother’s Day 5/14/17

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with local author Will Wilkinson Mother’s Day began as a celebration of peace and equality, pioneered by two women with the intention to put an end to organized war. Over time, the holiday has become commercialized and personalized and lost much of that original meaning. Will’s morning presentation will focus on how feminine power (in both women and men) can … Read More

Marrying the Divine: Living a life of Love 4/2/17

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with Laura Berman Making a commitment to ourselves, to others, and to the Divine is a daily choice. With intention and practice, we can step more fully into our commitments and living a life in, as and of Love. BIO Based in Portland, Oregon, singer/songwriter Laura Berman has reached acclaim for her soul-touching vocal power and accessible lyric styling. With … Read More

A Clear Path to Peace 3/19/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest

with ANA HOLUB Ana teaches the healing power of forgiveness as a counselor, recovery coach, author, poet and peace educator. She holds a BA in Peace Studies and an MA in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law.  Ana is also a certified Domestic Violence counselor and Radical Forgiveness coach.  Ana is deeply inspired by her daily study of A … Read More

The KIN-DOM of HEAVEN on EARTH 3/12/17

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 with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div. Millions of Christians around the world are celebrating Lent at this time of year.  Lent is a forty-day period of self-reflection, contemplation, and reconciliation leading up to Easter.  It also draws from the Hebrew tradition of being in the desert for 40 years leading up to entering the promised land.   The emphasis during Lent is … Read More