Faith in this World 6/11/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest

with Tamarah Masdon

After clocking in to a system for years, in 2011 I decided to walk in this world in a new way. My journey has been about nurturing my knowing of something bigger happening, something that our eyeballs maybe can’t see right now. It’s about really trusting the Universe. And continuing to choose happy every single day.

Originally from Dallas, Texas Tam (Tamarah Masdon) is 32 years old and stoked about this world waking up to who we really are. She feels passionate about many topics but especially choosing kindness with each and every human, embodying self love daily and sharing from an understanding that we really do all win in this world, when every single person wins. She is best friends with Oprah and enjoys every moment spent with a child.

Musicians: Heather Hutton and Richard Williams