UnityAshRev. Norma's Writings

with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

At Yom Kippur it is a great season of the year to ask – what does completion mean?

In the Science of Mind magazine for October, Idella Chadwick is quoted:
“A thing can be finished in the outer only as far as it is finished within the consciousness of the one doing the work.”

In my teaching of the Journey to Completion@ the question always arises – What does completion mean? During this season of completing and preparing for new life to come we will explore this topic that humans have been wondering about for throughout the ages:
* Does a human come to completion in one lifetime?
* Is completion like enlightenment? Can one really attain enlightenment?
* What is your experience of coming to completion on things in your life?
* Do you have areas of life that you would like to bring to some better completion or wholeness?
* Are there archetypal issues that our culture is needing to bring to completion?

JOIN us for a deep exploration and ritual experience.

Music – Heather Hutton and Richard Williams