Why? Why Me? Why Not Me? – Willomena

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(by WIllomena – thanks to Inner Light Ministries)


Why? Why me? Why not me?

What is so wrong about me and right about you

that no matter what it is that I do … it never turns

In the time I have in mind

Or becomes the kind that meets my plans

So that I can demand the goodness

That eludes, intrudes into my psychic space

holds my dreams that simply dribble into a thimble

not the bucket that the luckets always have –

Oh you know the luckets, the lucky ones

The sun shines more brightly on them

Like they got their own genie in a bottle

Obeying  their every command

My genie throttles – dissing my demands.


Why? Why me? Why not me?

Why always the brides maid and never the bride?

Side-kicked by the hero with no place to go

I am treading water below the ones already drowning

Even the victims are ahead of me!


Always on the outside peaking in at the party

Maybe my invitation is just tardy

but it never never arrives!


I die for the chance to be on the team being in the dream

But my life time is spent sitting on the bench

Its all kind of a wrench

Its just killing my soul


Why? Why me? Why not me?

If any of this spiritual stuff is true

Then I don’t have to do anything

But show up with my deepest intent

Bring my deepest intent to the table

Be able to relentlessly revive

thrive on what I know

Don’t throw a fit when the facts don’t fit

And don’t act like the facts are all it


If everything is equally available –

Why do I even bother to label

Labeling it as

His, hers, theirs, not ours

Impossible, practical

Maybe, later?

Why do I even bother to label it

As good news or bad news

Refusing to say it just is!

I say – phew  – well

I don’t want to be wearing no labels

but I am dishing them out like a name tag

So I know what to call things

Rather than piercing thru what is true

beyond the appearances


Why? Why me? Why not me?

Why am I always standing in the soup line of life

Instead of assuming my assignment at the banquet table?

Instead I am telling and retelling

reselling my same old story

about how hard it was just to get into the line?

But if the line is my own kind’s struggle

then I can deconstruct it

My reality redesigned along with the spiriutal truth

no longer looking for what is not workng

but shining through with spiritual sight.


So Why not me?

Made in the image and likeness

Of the Creator of all things

Who sings praises that I was born

Beyond my sight – Into the light !

Always shining on a better way



Why not me?

My birth, every thing in my life is not in accident

But an imprint of a master plan

That plans for all of its creation

the best that life has to offer.

The coffers that are always flowing

are overflowing on me!

Why? Why? Because I am alive!

Because I am standing here in the path of all good things

As all things come together for my good


Why not me?

–       Are my tears not as salty?

–       Are my fears not just as faulty?

–       Are my years less valuable because they are mine?

–       Is my laughter less delightful?

–       My knowing less insightful?

–       My love less healing?

–       My heart less revealing ?

–       Is there a patent on enoughness?

Toughness don’t linger as an answer

A cancer that spreads within.

There is good and plenty for all of God’s children


Why not me?  a unique individualized expression

of the divine refined by the refiners fire

my only desire is to be all that God intends me to be

to see the world thru the eyes of  unity and equanimity!


I am here for a purpose you see

To let God be God  –  as Me!