What If? with Will Wilkinson 2/26/17

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What if we could envision a spirit-filled world of love, beauty, and plenty, where everyone was well cared for?

What if we could learn how to make that vision real? This Sunday, explore the process pioneered by Dr. Robert Fritz in his ground breaking book, The Path of Least Resistance, with Will Wilkinson, based on revelations in his own recent book, Now or Never.

“You are incredibly powerful. The only limitations on your ability to create the future you prefer exists in your programming. Freedom and empowerment is as close as an enjoyable, imaginative inner journey coupled with precise action, to achieve measurable results in the world. That’s exactly what we will undertake this Sunday.”

Will Wilkinson is an Ashland based author/presenter/mentor with 8 books in print. www.willtwilkinson.com

Will Wilkinson, Co-founder
The Academy of Natural Wisdom

Musicians: Heather Hutton and Richard Williams