Thoth’s Wisdom Re: Gratitude

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In the ancient Egyptian mystery school texts Thoth refers to this holy feeling of gratitude as a “wave of vibration” that begins in the brain:


“when onto thee comes a feeling drawing thee nearer to the Dark Gate ( fear, anger, hate, etc)  examine thine heart to know if the feeling thou hast has come from deep within.  Then send through the body a wave of vibration, irregular at first, then repeating time after time until free.  Start this wave force in thine brain center – in thy thoughts – direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.”


Thoth’s vibration is the feeling of gratitude and compassion. It is from this strange place of peace – the peace that passeth understanding – that we remember life and the many varied expressions of life.  It is from this place that I am grounded in the divine presence within me. It is from this place that I am one with the I AM – the Christ mind – the Buddha heart – the Bodhicitta – that softened heart.   The I AM presence is then embodying you. You can proclaim the following alignment of your soul with the I AM.


I AM MY POWER – whatever action that I now take surrounding this experience results from the clear, intentional and conscious choice.  I am not numb or caught in old reactive patterns. I know what I feel, why I feel it and what the feelings are saying to me. And I chose to create peace.


I AM PEACE – I feel no contraction in my body regarding this event.  I allow for each person involved to be a powerful and masterful being having their life lesson from this experience.


I AM COMPASSION – From my place of great compassion, I may address this and similar events anywhere around the world, or from any time in history, taking the steps to avert or prevent similar loss of life again. I am a force for justice, free of the energy of retaliation.


I AM BECAUSE I HAVE RECONCILED THE EVENT FROM WITHIN my own mind and body.  No one else may do this for me.  No one else can do this for me. I must come to terms with whatever life has offered and find a place of peace within my body/mind.  I thus move to a clear, unencumbered, whole and complete place of healing within.


THESE are the tremendous results of the spiritual practice of thanksgiving and blessing.





Choose an event that is hard for you to swallow – difficult to express gratitude for –


Be with your feelings that arise – sadness, anger, outrage, defeat, hopelessness…


Experience the willingness to choose the spiritual practice of gratitude – The willingness paves the way for new possibilities, new thoughts, and new actions in response to life’s offerings.  The willingness to  move forward allows for the possibility of the gift of gratitude.

Ask the five codes:


Then take this event and begin to say the Blessing of gratitude over it. Audibly – softly at first – then louder –


I Bless and give thanks for these acts of choice that have allowed me to know myself in this way.


I Bless the ones who caused this harm so that they may know themselves in this way.


I Bless and give thanks for the one who has suffered or died so that they may know themselves in the giving of life in this way.


I Bless myself who witnessed this act and give thanks that I may come to know myself in the witnessing.



Continue saying these words of gratitude and blessing again and again until you feel the shift within your body to peace – a peace that can only be present when there is a balancing of the charge.  Breathe deeply – allow the softening of the heart to begin.  Sometimes tears may come as this spiritual state of being takes place in you.


Then it is possible that the burden is lightened. The room becomes lighter. The freedom of the gift of blessing begins to flow.

The shift is the result in a true change in body chemistry in response to a higher choice of emotion. The choice is to exercise the power inherent in each of us to become rather than to react. A greater path has been chosen, each remembers your truest nature. This is the ancient gift of gratitude and blessing.  It is a spiritual path at which we all must come to be spiritual adepts.  AHO.