The Total Solar Eclipse 8/13/17

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Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.
with Musical Shaman, Rene Jenkins

The Total Solar ECLIPSE of 2017 is making history in mid August this year. It will be the most viewed eclipse in human history. This type of total solar eclipse occurred last time 375 years ago and its path does not usually cross land masses.

Come hear Rev. Norma explore the meaning
we can make of it for our lives and our times?

Musician Rene Jenkins and Rev. Norma have both studied with Shamans throughout Central and South American cultures. Join us this Sunday for a rich blend of their skills in taking us on a journey into the realms of higher/deeper consciousness through meditation, chanting, dance and spiritual playfulness.

“Walk out of your room
beneath the morning sky;
let the sun enter your heart,
and find a way
to keep it there.

Make a song from the light
falling through the air, and
dance even when you are alone.

Dance if you are still sad,
Dance even when you are tired.
Dance until your feet lift off
the ground like wings.

And later, when the stars
are spinning in the night,
put your ear to the ground
and listen to the songs
rising up from the earth

everywhere you go
there is music.”

Poem by Marjory Wentworth in honor of RUMI