The Seven Temples of Relationship – 5/1/16

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Being in Resonance with the Heart of God

with Rev. Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

This week we will study the important work of building our inner temples so that the outer temple can manifest. Drawing from Greg Braden’s work on vibrational healing and from the Journey to Completion we will explore the spiritual science of transformation of negative energies in our lives so that we become an inexhaustible treasure house of energy for those in need.

Through this great work we awaken in ourselves a dormant force that may become our greatest ally and help us attain the highest level of mastery in this lifetime. And we, as powerful manifesting individuals, become a powerful mass of individuals who are extreme catalysts for the dimensional shift we are currently undergoing.

From the Essene Gospel of Peace:
“It is easy to love others when all is going well….
The challenge is to love those who have seen our anger,
seen us in our rage, and our nakedness: our challenge is
to love ourselves as we love our families.”

Special Music with Sound Healer: René Jenkins
Ceremonial sound practitioner, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, René Jenkins will be our guest musician. Since 1993, René performs Sound Blessings with ancient indigenous instruments of the Americas, Australia & Asia to raise
well-being and the vibration of consciousness through intention and sound.