The Celtic Roots of May Day 5/7/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest

With Jenny Sill-Holeman and Dennis Holeman

We will honor the Celtic holiday of Beltane and its English counterpart, May Day. This day marks one of the four major points in the turning of the wheel of the year. Beltane celebrates the fertility of the Earth and all the living things upon it, as well as promoting new growth in our own lives. We will teach a technique to help us connect deeply with the land and its spirits.

After we conclude inside the sanctuary, we will go outside to the lawn behind the Havurah and do a Maypole dance. Think about what magic you wish to weave in your own life, as we weave the ribbons around the Maypole. Come dressed to dance on the grass and celebrate the joyous life all around us.

Jenny and Dennis have been practitioners and teachers of one of the leading modern Pagan spiritual traditions for over 30 years.

Music by “Sprite” Donna Benjamin and “Bard” Richard Williams.