Now or Never with Will Wilkinson 12/25/16

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with Will Wilkinson Christmas Morning at Unity with Will Wilkinson and friends, giving and receiving the ultimate gift – love.  Music, poetry, ritual, transmission… opportunities to transmit the qualities we wish to see flourishing in the world, like love, forgiveness,  compassion, acceptance, and generosity. This Sunday morning we’ll explore the potential of The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon and focus our shared expression … Read More

Kathy Zavada- “The Art Of Communicating: Replacing Loneliness with Connection”

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Rev. Kathy Zavada will be speaking on the art of communicating: replacing loneliness with connection. Loneliness is the suffering of our time. Technology supplies us with many devices to stay connected, but we still feel lonely and hunger for love. In this presentation we will look at how to spend more time communicating and connecting with ourselves, discovering what is … Read More

Quest Speaker Kathy Zavada – 6/21/15

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This Sunday Unity is happy to welcome a special guest speaker Kathy Zavada. Kathy Zavada is a nationally acclaimed performing/recording artist and producer of sacred music. She is also an ordained Interfaith minister, inspirational speaker and long-time retreat and workshop facilitator. Kathy’s musical expression is deeply informed from a place of resting in silence and the infinite loving presence of … Read More