“Miracle Shifts for Shifting Times” with David Hiller 6/18/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Creating Miracle Shifts in our lives no matter want is happening on the planet. We will be telling some true miracle shift stories and talking about how we create our positive and productive reality when our heart is in alignment with our subconscious mind and how we create our self defeating reality when our ego is in alignment with our subconscious mind. We will also talk about an amazing technique call Psych-k (subconscious reprogramming) to help shift belief systems and behavior patterns and how David received an instantaneous miracle healing with this technique.

Rev. David Hiller, M.Ed. is an ordained interfaith minister, author, spiritual counselor, Psych-K facilitator and personal empowerment coach who also has a Masters degree in counseling. He has traveled extensively in the U.S. conducting workshops about retraining the brain, subconscious reprogramming, healing, meditation and fear release. He has extensive counseling and Psych-K experience working with individuals and groups in their healing process.

Come Be Transported by Murmurations Duo

The music we play is an improvised journey of the moment, our intention is to create a momentum of silence, a space for resting and healing.The music we play is improvised in the moment…like birds, closely following, supporting and inspiring one another.

Suellen Primost, a seasoned, highly sought-after cellist, recording artist and sound healer, is known for her soulful expressivity and versatility across genres ranging from classical and jazz, to many types of world music: Celtic, Roma, Arabic and Indian Classical. She also performs with Spiral Dance Chamber Jazz, Ya L’ayl Arabic Trio, Hardly Strictly Jazz, with North Indian vocalist Shivpreet Singh, Eostar Kamala, Clare Hedin, The Murmurations Duo and Ensemble, and The Espiritu Ensembles.

Jérémy Marais, born in the French Alps, is a stunning saxophonist, frame drummer, balofonist, clarinettist and ThetaHealing practitioner, now living with his wife and new son in the Bay Area. He tours each year with the fabulous and very popular Jerusalem- based group, Nava Tehila, throughout North America, Europe and The Middle East. He is also a member of the Murmurations Duo, The Murmurations Ensemble and a certified CIIS sound healer.