“What We Resist Will Persist” 2/5/17

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

We celebrate both the CELTIC holy day of IMBOLC honoring the Fire Goddess BRIGID,  along with this  CHINESE NEW YEAR honoring the energies of the FIRE ROOSTER. Both of these are Fire energies of purification and transformation.

In this context we will continue on our theme of AWARENESS and ACTIVATION. How do we maintain awareness and yet act in ways that are powerful for real transformation in our individual lives and in community? What does this Spiritual Law of New Thought teachings means when it says:  “What we resist will persist”?

How do we stand for justice and yet not get caught in re-creating what we are resisting?  We will explore the ancient wisdom of both EAST and the WEST to guide us in this very important time.


Heather Hutton and Richard Williams