The Power of Spoken Blessing – 7/19/15

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Cultures all over the world since ancient times have revered the power of the spoken blessing. Blessing creates sacred space, imbues objects with spiritual effectiveness, and anoints humans to carry out great tasks.

Heroes have gone to great lengths to receive the blessing of the Gods. There is great power in receiving the blessing from Divine Source and there is great power in sharing such blessing with others. The Dabhar or word of blessing in Hebrew texts ushers forth from the Creator as the power that created all that is. Ancient Celts believed that without the spiritual blessing of the Bard, that the King could not successfully rule the kingdom. Soon the Rinpoche will be offering blessings for Unity’s Earth Temple. Through the vibratory effect of your words you can be a blessing not only to other humans but to all sentient beings and the whole earth.

This Sunday come explore the power of spoken and sung blessings as songstress PEIA and our Minister Norma Burton lead us in bringing the sacred into ordinary reality.

Rev. Norma Burton

Peia Luzzi and Richard Williams

Video of this sermon below: