The Dance with Loss and Letting Go A Spiritual Path

UnityAshVisiting Guest

Jane Sterling PhD

Are you experiencing loss?

Loss can show up in so many ways: loss of relationship, loss of job, health, expectations, financial stability, idealism, identities, abilities, communities and loss of loved ones. If we look deeply, we are ever changing and letting go from the minute we leave the womb.
Where and how do we hold on?
What needs to be embraced within ourselves to walk the journey of grief, love and letting go? How do we let our heart – break and still function and be in the world? How can we trust and be in present moment.
It is possible to experience a time of such deep beauty and honoring while the heart melts. It is an opportunity to meet yourself in a new way, meeting each moment with love and surrender. There are many gifts that naturally come from meeting the heart. A freedom is revealed with the dance.

Musicians: Jane Sterling and Richard Williams