The Celtic Isle of Avalon and Advent 11/29/15

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

Avalon, (the Isle of Apples) was the ancient magical isle of Arthurian Legend where the High Priestess Morgaine trained young women apprentices. It was said to be a place of heaven on earth and a gateway between the worlds. The apples that grew on this magical island were said to heal all wounds and be an elixir of immortality.

How does this legend compare to the myth of the Garden of Eden in which Eve eating the apple led to the great Fall?

This is the first Sunday of the four weeks of Advent, leading up to Christmas. This Sunday is signified by Hope. Come explore the hope in Celtic legend of the Magic Apples of Avalon.

Musicians: Dan and Jacqui (of Patchy Sanders Band)

Daniel Sherrill and Jacqueline Aubert