The beauty of the Islamic Faith – 4/10/16

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with Amanda Amarotico.

When we greet other with in an Islamic culture, we say, “Peace be upon you,” and the receiver responds, “And peace be upon you.” Islam is, at its core, a peaceful religion. As a Muslim one’s intention is to surrender to God. Having lived in a Muslim society for eight years, I experienced the essence of Islam. I experienced the best in humanity. Come hear about the beauty of Islam from the voices of two gentlemen of the Muslim faith, Samir Balhadj from Algeria and Mahmood Ali from Oman, as well as from me, Quaker born, but now with no label, only faith.

Amanda Amarotico recently moved to Ashland after having lived and taught in The Sultanate of Oman for eight years. She is a language teacher who emphasizes language and cultural exchange everywhere she goes. Her passion is the witnessing of young adults meeting people from other cultures and seeing them connect through their similarities and asking questions to help their understanding of any differences. When we can see through the beliefs and cultural norms, we find a fellow brother or sister.

Musicians: Cyrise Beatty Schacter and Richard Williams