Prosperity & Belonging – The Art of Tribal Economy – 3/13/16

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with Rev.Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

The Separation Myth leads us to feel that we are alone in an unfriendly world. This is not the truth.

We are existing in a vast universe of inter being, intelligence, and connection. Our sense of prosperity and well being is intertwined with our sense of belonging.

We at Unity are healing the Separation Myth and creating a sense of belonging in community and thereby remembering a Tribal economics of restorative justice and agape love.

Musician- Chad Wilkins

If you’ve been to any of Chad’s live events, you know that his music is more of an invitation than a performance – an experience to be entered into. Chad’s style is unique. Being a multi-instrumentalist himself, he combines many influences to create a blend that is hard to categorize.
Folky, progressive, contemplative, mystical – but the point is the message. His songs vary from upbeat, positive-vibe celebration tunes to deep, devotional guided meditations, all showcasing conscious lyrics – challenging, provoking, inspiring, drawing, awakening. Some are poetic images of Chad’s own spiritual journey; some are journeys in themselves.