Love Calls: The Call to Compassion 8/16/15

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Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite Nun, pulls back the veil on Kimberly Braun’s rich experience of self and Spirit as she lived in silence as a Carmelite nun. Every twist and turn of her soulful journey will inspire you to deeper understanding of your own life. The themes of Love Calls are universal to us all. Join Kimberly in her own search for deeper experience of being alive, feeling happiness and living in peace moment by moment.

Impelled by the same love that led her to join the monastery, Kimberly eventually left the Order to share this deeply profound experience with others. Kimberly Braun is passionate about helping others live from that dynamic place of happiness, peace and life found deep within as she carries her insights into the world impacting all who experience her peaceful and joyful resonance.

Music: Heather Hutton and Richard Williams

Guest Speaker: Kimberly Braun

Video of this sermon below: