Creating Sacred Space 9/6/15

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Making a place for Joy to enter our lives.

with Rev. Norma Burton M.Div.

In Earth Centered spirituality we celebrate the cycles of nature and how they inform our human trajectory. The Fall season first brings the excitement and exhilaration of change, then a phase of death and dying. It culminates in a relinquishing of attachment and a time of letting go. In the metaphor of harvest, it’s when we separate the fruit, and then the seeds, from the plants, taking what’s important from all that has grown and letting the rest go. Symbolically, this is the time to separate living essence from dead form. And to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Our work this season is all about letting go of what’s no longer essential, and as we go about this activity, we’ll also give attention to the intent behind it: to create sacred space for spirit to enter.

Music: Destiny White and Richard Williams

Video posted below: