Building Our Field of Dreams 5/22/16

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with Norma Nakai Burton M.Div.

You have all heard the saying: “Build the field and they will come!” …. yet now we might say
“They are coming – is our field ready?”

On a very practical level, with the influx of people moving into this area, its more important than ever that we are busy fertilizing this “field” of non-dualism. This field is the place where we gather, out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing (Rumi), and meet one another on a dimension of forgiveness and understanding.

A new social construction of reality is needed and we are the ones to build it. We need to wake up every day and step out there in small and large ways to build the empathy field, the love zone. How are you building your field of dreams? How do we intuit the dreams that are Spirit inspired and bring them into manifestation in the right timing?

Rev. Norma will be speaking about the Ashland City of Peace Commission, where she serves as the commissioner representing the religious community. There are many ways our Unity community can link with the broader Ashland community in a powerful alliance to create a city of peace that will be a beacon to the world.

Music: Richard Williams and Heather Hutton