A Clear Path to Peace 3/19/17

UnityAshVisiting Guest


Ana teaches the healing power of forgiveness as a counselor, recovery coach, author, poet and peace educator. She holds a BA in Peace Studies and an MA in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law.  Ana is also a certified Domestic Violence counselor and Radical Forgiveness coach.

 Ana is deeply inspired by her daily study of A Course in Miracles, meditation and yoga. From her own difficult childhood to becoming a successful counselor, Ana knows firsthand the benefits of using forgiveness as a tool for recovery, inner peace and freedom. 

 Ana teaches workshops internationally on forgiveness, self-empowerment, women’s issues, emotional healing and communication skills. 

 Her books include Forgive and Be Free, The Edges Are Friendly, and a chapter in Colin Tipping’s book, Why You Still Need To Forgive Your Parents. She also created The Healing Power of Forgiveness audio CD and three e-courses. She’s worked for over 20 years in the field of reconciliation, teaching her clients practical skills for living boldly in harmony, strength and empowerment.

Musicians: Heather Hutton and Richard Williams