A Case of Mistaken Identity:  Who Do You Think You Are 8/14/16

UnityAshSermon Archives, Visiting Guest


Jan Madsen, former Religious Science minister and poet, helps us explore our mistaken beliefs and how correcting them can heal our lives and our planet.

Humans since the dawn of time  have been asking the age old question:  Who Am I? 

New thought teachings offer an interesting perspective on this. For example, Ernest Holmes says ” What you are looking for is what you are looking with. Donna Benjamin will bring home this message with poetry, meditation and prayer.

Music by Martha Reich Braden and Richard Williams

Martha Reich Braden’s  vocals are reminiscent of icons like Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez . Marthaʼs songs possess an exquisite poetry, capturing the depth of personal and universal subjects, inspired by the contradictions of everyday life; anchored by the truth and beauty of natureʼs elements.